Office Cleaning

Mississauga Cleaning Company can offer an array of comprehensive green Cleaning solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of your office or building.

Here’s a sample of our services:

Janitorial Services

Our vacuum cleaneres are equiped with true Hepa filters so that impurities cannot escape the machine and became airborne.

Lobby / Reception area


  • Dust and wipe clean lobby furniture.
  • Clean and sanitize reception telephone.
  • Clean lobby and corridor interior glass partitions.
  • Clean metal bright work including baseboard unit, window frames, etc.
  • Dust mop or vacuum and damp mop hard surface flooring.
  • Vacuum carpeting and floor mats.

Office / Tenant Areas

  • Empty all trash receptacles.
  • Dust and damp wipe furniture tops.
  • Spot clean all partition glass.
  • Dust baseboards, chair rails etc.
  • Dust pictures, frames and other wall hangings.
  • Dust blinds. Clean and sanitize telephones.
  • Thoroughly vacuum.
  • Dust and damp mop resilient floors.
  • Properly arrange furniture.


  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces of toilets and urinals.
  • Clean and polish mirrors, chrome and other bright work.
  • Sweep and wash floors with germicidal disinfectant detergent.
  • Clean all wash basins and counter tops.
  • Remove any lime deposits.
  • Spot clean partitions and tiled walls to remove marks, stains etc.
  • Replace all paper, soap and sanitary products.
  • Empty and clean all waste receptacles.


  • Vacuum carpeted floor.
  • Dust mop and damp mop hard surface floor.
  • Clean and polish doors inside and outside.
  • Clean and polish inside walls.
  • Clean elevator tracks.
  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling grills.
  • High dust light fixtures.

Café / Lunchroomoffice

  • Empty and clean all trash containers.
  • Clean and sanitize microwaves inside and outside.
  • Clean stainless steel appliances and vending equipment.
  • Clean and sanitize tables, chairs, counters and cabinet fronts.
  • Clean and sanitize sinks.
  • Dust mop or vaccum and damp mop hard surface floors.
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